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All Access Water Polo Podcast

We talk with players, coaches, officials, referees and fans about anything and everything Water Polo. From unique perspectives on hot button issues to great conversations between long time friends, we love talking about Water Polo and how we can all help to grow the sport.

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Oct 15, 2021

In Episode 19, I have an educational conversation with the Chief of Sport Performance for USA Water Polo, Coach John Abdou. We talk about what his formal role within USA Water Polo is (2:08-6:17), the D3 Championship and the opportunities it brought to the sport as a whole (6:18-12:38), the ODP Pipeline and its ever changing dynamic through the years (12:39-24:06), a Professional league in the US and what all goes into that (24:07-29:23), the Olympics, National Teams, and the COVID year (29:24-40:55), Ashleigh Johnson and having a "Face of the sport" (40:56-44:36), and some rapid fire questions to close us out (44:37-51:28)