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All Access Water Polo Podcast

We talk with players, coaches, officials, referees and fans about anything and everything Water Polo. From unique perspectives on hot button issues to great conversations between long time friends, we love talking about Water Polo and how we can all help to grow the sport.

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Oct 8, 2021

In Episode 18, I have a really interesting talk with someone who truly loves the game of Water Polo, it is current professional player for CN Mataro and former UCSD Goalie, Jack Turner. We talk about how goalies never choose their position (1:30-3:07); his journey in college from sleeping in his car to pursue being on the Men's National Team, to the 2017 car accident that almost ended his career (3:08-16:20); the college years and his thoughts on the structure of NCAA Water Polo (16:21-26:46); his pursuit of hopefully joining JUG Water Polo (26:47-32:02); thoughts about the Olympic cycle and his time with USA Water Polo (32:03-37:40); his current professional opportunity with CN Mataro in Spain (37:41-39:00); and some rapid fire to close us out (39:01-48:47)